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July 19, 2020
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July 22, 2020
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Living in Napa is a special place. We absolutely love it here. However, living here is very different than visiting here. A lot of us work in the industry (That’s the word we use for Napkins who work in tourism here in Napa.) Many of us live outside of Napa and commute in. After-all Napa is close to many other cities like American Canyon, Vallejo, Fairfield, Sonoma, and more. So our attire has a very different approach than that of a tourist. One of the things Andee and I love most about hanging out in and around the Valley is the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. People just like you! One question that we always get asked is “What should we wear when visiting Napa?” Before you raid your closet and pack your suitcase take a few moments and read below some tips we offer on what to wear while visiting Napa. You might be surprised by how efficient you can be with your packing and attire if you follow these few guidelines. Don’t worry guys… We have you covered as well.

The first and foremost number one rule is to be comfortable. Ask yourself a few qualifying questions. How many days will you be here, what’s the agenda, will you be visiting wineries and taking vineyard tours? Do you plan a special night out? Sunday brunch, and be prepared to stroll through downtown. A lot has changed since your last trip and you will want to spend some time in downtown Napa. Your itinerary will dictate a lot of what you will want to wear. Napa Style is about being comfortable but sophisticated. Elegant but not pretentious. Ready for fun and ready to get a little dirty…

One of the more joyous things to do while in Napa is Harvest. This is the time when the wineries head to the vineyards to grab the grapes. It’s a big celebration throughout the Valley. Each year from August through October, the Napa Valley comes alive with the excitement and rush of harvest. Tending to the grapevines is a year-round process, but this is the time when the vineyards and the wineries bustle with workers racing to pick grapes at their peak ripeness. The entire valley is filled with the wonderful smells of harvest and you’ll find ideal warm autumn weather. What you wear to a Harvest will be quite different than what you will wear anywhere else throughout Napa. Still, there is a Napa Style to harvest attire.

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The first essential piece of clothing you will need for many occasions is a good pair of fashionable jeans. Especially if you plan to participate in the Fall Harvest. Jeans are a must. You’ll probably want to store them in one of those laundry bags the hotels provide when you are back from Harvest and do not plan on wearing them again until washed. ๐Ÿ™‚

While at harvest the guys will want a denim shirt, flannel, or something a little rugged looking and again ready to get a little messy. While we know it’s going to be difficult for you girls to resist the urge to get all dolled up. It’s important to remember Harvest is messy and the messier it gets often the more fun you’ll have. One idea is to bring the kind of clothes you would wear while gardening at home.

Harvest Shirts

Some of the most fun you will have in exploring the new downtown Napa Style. There are so many new shops and new ones popping up almost weekly. Downtown is quickly becoming a shopping mecca. Everything for her, him, including high-end fashion, home goods, art, novelties and more. Not to mention the food. There must be 20+ new dining destinations that have sprung up in the last year.

When visiting downtown Napa you should be clothed in comfortable urban wear. Think city style with the Napa relaxed style combined. You will do a lot of walking so comfortable walking shoes are a must. Ladies, you can wear a sundress, dressy jeans and a cute top, or a casual skirt and a cute top. Recommended shoes include wedge sandals, flat dress shoes or stylish boots. (See below gallery for photos.) 


Downtown Style

Women’s Downtown Style
Mens Downtown Style

Wine Tasting Style

Wine Tasting is sure to be a big part of your journey here in Napa. After all, it’s the reason you came. That being said, there is a wide variety of options when it comes to what to wear while wine tasting here in the Valley. Again, I know we keep saying this but casual is key. Live-Napa Style is all about being comfortable and looking amazing while being comfortable. When heading to the wineries keep in mind the weather. Is it sunny and hot? Then shorts are in order or maybe even a sundress or skirt for the ladies. Polos are always a hit with the men. In the middle os Summer, jeans and a blazer will not only make you uncomfortable but you’ll stand out as a sure tourist. In our winter months Khakis, jeans, and blazers are the look of the Valley. And ladies, big sweaters, jeans, boots, and fur coats can really make a good impression.

Mens Polo & Shorts
Women’s Hats

If you are like us you love to dine out. Dining out in Napa and the Valley is a prime reason visitors come here. We are known as the culinary capital of The USA. Some of the very best chefs in the world have restaurants here in Napa, Yountville, St. Helena and the surrounding area. There is no shortage of places to dine, Formal five stars restaurants to dive bars, street food and for the most part, you can’t go wrong. The Oxbow is a great place to taste some of the amazing offerings in Napa. It’s located downtown and nearly walking distance from most hotels. CIA the Culinary Institue of the Arts is another awesome place to explore Napa cuisine. To really narrow your choices down you can always head over to our Foodies section of our blog and discover all kinds of wonderful places to dine. But we are here to discuss what to wear when visiting Napa, This includes what to wear out for dinner.

Dining in Napa again takes some time to plan. Will you be dining “Al Fresco (Outside), with others or in an intimate setting. Will you be celebrating an event, or just grabbing a small bite from one of the amazing eateries on your path. One of the most fun things we love to do is take the day and just go restaurant hopping. Going from place to place exploring small bites and offerings from various destinations. Imagine you start your day at the southside Cafe for a small breakfast bite and a little mimosa, then head downtown for a small afternoon bite ar Tarla Grill for some authentic Mediterranean food and a good glass of white Sauvignon Blanc, as you explore more of downtown head over to Alpha Omegas’ tasting room for some sumptuous wines (Rated best in the world). then it’s off to the Oxbow Public Market and Hog Island for some fresh oysters more white wine and now we are ready for dinner. (I know this is a lot of food, but you are on vacation, and don’t you deserve? said the little devil on your shoulder).

The question now is what to wear to dinner. Something formal, dressy, sophisticated. Something that says I splurged for this vacation. Women keep is simple with a nice black dress, a fun cocktail dress, some fashionable heels, earrings, and jewelry accessories. Men it’s completely ok to put on your best pair of denim with a nice dress shirt, I love a good Robert Graham, Tom Ford, or Luigi Borrelli shirt. A shirt says a lot about the man wearing it. I would rather spend $300 on one amazing shirt that makes me feel like a million-dollar then have 10 $30 dollar shirts. Blazers are a must and break out the really nice shoes for this event. You will want to look your best.

Dining Napa Style

Women’s Formal Wear
Men’s Formal Wear

The thing to remember is you really can’t go wrong with your choice of what to wear when visiting Napa. We are all pretty accepting and styles come and go. Just plan according to the weather. It’s almost always sunny, mild, and well… Beautiful here in the Valley. We would love to hear from you about your experience and share with us on our Instagram page your outfit.

Some of the best times we have had is just resting, relaxing and chilling on the deck with a nice warm fire watching the sunset over the Napa Valley. Cheers…