Over The Top With Ice Cream

Just For Foodies
Just For Foodies
June 10, 2017
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A Lil Bit Of Italy…
June 12, 2017

Often after a long day of wine tasting many of you wonder downtown Napa looking for just the right place to grab a small bite and or perhaps a sweet craving needs satisfying. Downtown Napa if filled with lots of restaurants, bars, small wineries and places to pop in and pop out. Andee and I always head downtown on Thursdays (It’s our date night) and we always end up someplace different. Our favorite thing to do it pop into one place, grab a glass of wine and a small bite to share. Then we head to another and then another. Before you know it, it’s time for dessert. Personally I have never understood why dessert comes last. Shouldn’t we start with dessert? Then we get what we like best first!Oxbow


One of our favorite little dessert spots is Three Twins Ice Cream. Located in the Oxbow Market center this is not your regular Ice Cream…

Three Twins Ice Cream is about one thing – inconceivably delicious, organic ice cream produced in a sustainable manner. Proprietor Neal Gottlieb is passionate about his craft and operates one of the few certified organic “scoop shops” in the country, with all of the ingredients organic and local wherever possible. Three Twins starts with a simple base of milk, cream, sugar and eggs, sweetened with evaporated cane juice and other delicious ingredients for a tasty finish. What they don’t put in is just as important and what they do put in. Three Twins ice cream does not include the artificial colorings, flavors and stabilizers common in conventional and some organic brands. No corn syrup or seaweed derivatives here! Flavor comes first, whether it’s a classic favorite or a special only-from-Three Twins creation. Three Twins is proud to use compostable dishes made from sugar cane fiber, spoons made bio-degradable corn resin, and cups made with PLA corn plastic – all in an effort to minimize the waste. In addition, Three Twins gives back to environmental non-profits through its affiliation with 1% For The Planet, a group of over 200 businesses that give at least 1% of their sales, regardless of profitability, to environmental efforts.



Sun-Thurs, 11 am-8 pm; Fri-Sat, 11am-9 pm